Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Sopia Nurmala / 15010091
Program Studi Pendidikan Biologi
Pembimbing I Dra. Nursyahra
Pembimbing II Ade Dewi Maharani
Tahun 2019

Abstrak :

At Kenagarian Sungai Limau, it was found that there were various types of macro mushrooms that could be used as teaching materials in form of LKPD. Teaching materials used at SMAN 1 Sungai Rumbai in the form of student textbooks and student worksheets on Fungi material found at least examples and images of mushrooms presented and the material presented was not contextual. Specifically on the mushroom material the learning process is more focused on the material contained in the worksheet only, while the KD demand is to group the mushrooms based on the results of investigations about the type of mushroom and its role. The purpose of this study was to determine the types of macro fungi found in Kenagarian Sungai Limau, Asam Jujuhan Subdistrict, Dharmasraya Regency, West Sumatra Province and to determine the validity of LKPD as a result of macro mushroom identification. This research is a research-based development research with Tessmere model. The results of the study in Kenagarian Sungai Limau, were found to consist of 17 species of macroscopic fungi classified into 2 divisions, 4 clases, 8 orders, 11 families, and 15 genera. The calculation results of LKPD on Mushroom material for high school grade X students produced were very valid with a validity value of 86.45% and One-to-one 88.60%. Then it can be concluded that the fungus found in Kenagarian Sungai Limau found 17 macroscopic fungal species that have been integrated into LKPD on mushroom material with a validity value of 87.52% with very valid criteria.

Keyword :

Macro Mushrooms, LKPD

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