Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Novita Pitriah / 15060089
Program Studi Bimbingan dan Konseling
Pembimbing I Rici Kardo
Pembimbing II Triyono.
Tahun 2019

Abstrak :

This research is aims to find the effect of parents' attention to maladaptive behavior of students at SMA N 7 Kerinci. Many students do maladaptive behaviors such as often skipping, fighting, dressing neatly and violating school rules. The Purpose of this study is to the desribe 1) Parents attention. 2) maladaptive behavior. 3) Effects of parental attention The type of research is  descriptive quantitative research using regression analysis. To analyze data will make it easier for researchers to draw conclusions. The study population was 280 students and a sample of 165 students. The instrument used is a qustionnaire. While for data analysis using percentages, to see the effect of variable X on Y using R square (R²). Based on the result of the study it can be conclused as follows: 1) attention of parents on average is in the good category. 2) Maladaptive behavior of students on average is in the quite high category. 3) There is a significant effect of parents attentiom to maladaptive behavior. This research was recommended to parents an guidance and counseling teachers.

Keyword :

Parents' attention, Maladaptive Behavior

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