Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Andra Eka Putra / 09020085
Program Studi Pendidikan Sejarah
Pembimbing I Zafri
Pembimbing II Ranti Nazmi
Tahun 2014

Abstrak :

In conducting this research study about the professional competence of teachersin the subjects ofhistory

class VIIMTsN Langsat Kadap Rao Pasaman West Sumatra Province. Professional competence of the 

teacherleads tothe ability ofa teacherin the subjectsof historyin MTsN Langsat Kadap Pasaman Rao. The

purpose of this study was to reveal ordescribe the ability of an integrated social studies teachers in teaching 

history and how to educate child tostudy harderin MTsN Langsat Kadap Pasaman Rao.  

This research uses aqualitative approach and descriptive. This research was conductedby means of interviews

and observations with the principal, teachers and a students Langsat Kadap Pasaman Rao. In conducting this

study should bringthe equipment used to conduct qualitative research such as books, pens, camera.  

Results of the studyis to conduct research observations and interviews with principals, teachers and student

swith the material the arrival of Islam in Indonesia, which has been taught to these students, in conducting this

researchto geta very good result for teachers who teach in MTsN Langsat Kadap Rao' shas the ability and 

insightin presenting the material to students and learning materials have been successfully menyampaiakn well

and educate students as well instructional materials master, give good examples to the students as well ashow to 

deliver the learning materials and reamatis sequentially. Therefore teachers who teach inthis Kadat Langsat

MTsN. Based on these resultsit can be concludedthat the professional competence of teachersis very importantin 

the world of science education, itshould be a professional teacher in teaching and learning in schools and within

the community. 


Keyword :

Professional in hostory

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