Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Riskia Rahmi / 14080046
Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia
Pembimbing I Aruna Laila
Pembimbing II Titiek Fujita Yusandra
Tahun 2018

Abstrak :

            This research is motivated by the life of people who never separated from the problem of love. This research aims to describe the romance of love in the novel of “Merengkuh Cita Merajut Asa” by Arif Yosodipuro. This rescarch describe about kimds of love such as. Love between parents and children, love between man and women, and love between people and ather people, then love between god and human. The types of this research is qualitative research using descriptive method. The reseather acted as instrument in this reseach. Technique date colection in this research are read and understund, sign the sentence and quote in the novel based on love, and agg lomerate the data in the novel Merengkuh Cita Merajut Asa by Arif Yosodipuro. Such as ; (1) Love between parents and children seen from the figures Father and Mother who so love Lela. (2) The love between men and women is seen from figures Lela and Rahmat, who have relationships as lovers and married. (3) The love between human beings is seen from  figures Gus Mu’iz and Bu Rodhiyah. (4) Love between man God and human seen from figures Lela and Rahmat. They alway be grateful to god when they are get nothing, and they are battle for our people. The last.

Keyword :

Love, Novel

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