Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Anggun Tri Nona Vadiana / 13070108
Program Studi Pendidikan Sosiologi
Pembimbing I Dr. Yenni Melia
Pembimbing II Sri Rahayu
Tahun 2018

Abstrak :

This research is motivated by the existence of emotional intelligence problems related to students’ cognitive learning outcomes in sociology learning which is seen from the low MID Odd Semester grade XI IPS score of SMA Negeri 2 Koto Baru District of Dharmasraya. This study aims to see how the relationship between emotional intelligence and cognitive learning outcomes of class XI IPS students of SMA Negeri 2 Koto Baru District of Dharmasraya. The theory used in this study is the theory of Goleman emotional intelligence, while the theory of cognitive learning outcomes uses Brunner’s theory. The type of research used is Ex post facto research with correlational type. The population in this study were all students of class IX IPS SMA Negeri 2 Koto Baru totaling 72 students, consisting of 12 trial samples 60 people for the research sample. Sampling using the Total Sampling technique, while for sampling the test using Purposive Sampling. This type of research date is primary data and secondary date. The isntrument used for the emotional intelligence variable is a questionnaire. Date analysis in this study is in the form of normality test, the date in this study are normally distributed because the significance level is greater than 0,05 where the results of emotional intelligence date are (0.676> 0.05) while the results of the students' MID values ​​are (0.824> 0, 05). The data homogeneity test shows that there is a significant value of 0.000 <0.05, so the data is not homogeneous. The results showed that the relationship of emotional intelligence with cognitive learning outcomes can be seen from the results of research hypothesis testing using non-parametric statistical correlation analysis with spearman correlation method of rs 0, -125 0.05, which means no there is a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and cognitive learning outcomes, so the hypothesis accepted is Ho.

Keyword :

Emotional Intelligence, Learning Outcomes, Cognitive.

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