Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Cornelia Egy / 10080356
Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia
Pembimbing I Samsiarni
Pembimbing II Indriani Nisja
Tahun 2018

Abstrak :

                The background of the researchers doing research on the style of languange in the novel Kata Mereka aku Kafir are as follows: first, novels they say i am an infidel many use words that are in the style of contradictory language. Second, novels Kata Mereka Aku Kafir use poetic language indelivering literary works. Third, the novel Kata Mereka Aku Kafir is the author’s style of expressing ideas dominated by language-style language. Fourth, the author tries to convey what he sees, and feels by way of composing words as beautiful and interesting as possible so that it isinteresting to read by the reader. This type of research is qualitative, which focuses on the language style of conflict, which describes the style of language of conflict used and the function of the language style of use of the conflist. According to Kirk and Miller (in Moelong, 2010:4) defines that qualitative research is a particular tradition in social science that is fundamentally dependent on observations of good people in the region. The results of the study are fourteen styles of language contraditions in the novels. They are Kata Mereka Aku Kafir by Demian Dematra 1) hyperbole, 2) litotes, 3) paradox, 4) historen, 5) oxymoron, 6)occipation, 7) paranoposia, 8) paralipsis, 9) irony, 10) anticlimax, 11) climax, 12) hypalase, 13) apostrophe, 14)satire.

Keyword :

Language, Style

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