Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Helsy Gusna Sari / 13050068
Program Studi Pendidikan Matematika
Pembimbing I Mulia Suryani
Pembimbing II Lita Lovia
Tahun 2018

Abstrak :

            This research was done because of many students grade VIII at SMP Negari 2 Batang Anai not complete their Mathematics subject thus their learning outcome were low. The purpose of this study was to determine the results of student learning mathematics by applying cooperative learning strategy Type Student Teams Achievment Devisions (STAD). The type of this research was experimental research with randomized design to the subject. The population was the students of grade VIII SMPN 2 Batang Anai. The sample class was randomly assigned, so VIII7 was selected as experimental class and class VIII4 as control class. The instrument used was the final test of student learning result of essay test with test reliability 0,909 and rtabel = 0.361. Means that test is declared reliable because r11> rtable. Data analysis technique used is one party t test.The result of the research was known that both samples are normal distribution and homogeneous variance at the significant level α = 0.05. Result of hypothesis test obtained = 3,833 dan 1,682. It means > then hypothesis accepted. So it can be concluded that student learning outcomes by applying cooperative learning model Student Team Achievement Division type better than student learning outcomes by applying conventional learning in class VIII SMP Negeri 2 Batang Anai.

Keyword :

Kooperatif, Student Teams Achievment Divisions (STAD), Hasil Belajar

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