Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Jensten Yarmanda / 14070019
Program Studi Pendidikan Sosiologi
Pembimbing I Rio Tutri
Pembimbing II Isnaini
Tahun 2019

Abstrak :

This research is motivated that Basically the land dispute that occurred in Minangkabau Especially in Nagari IV Koto Hilie and the dispute occurred because of the seizure of property rights so that there was a quarrel between the two parties, but there have been efforts made by the administrators of Nagari adat density to resolve the dispute The ulayat land Thus, from the results of settlement in the adat nagari density, there are a number of customary land disputes that are not resolved by the Nagari Adat Density and there are also resolved ulayat land disputes. So the information above shows that there are constraints to the density of the nagari adat in the process of settling traditional land disputes. So from this problem the researchers conducted a study of the constraints to the density of the nagari adat in the resolution of a customary land dispute in Nagari IV Koto Hilie, Batang Kapas District, Pesisir Selatan Regency. That used in this research was fungsional struktural theory to Robert K. Merton. This research uses a qualitative approach using descriptive type. Informant engineering research is arranged by purposive sampling.. Data collection method is done by interview, observation and study documents. Data analysis uses the Miles and Huberman data analysis model. The results of this study found that there were constraints to the density of the nagari adat in the resolution of the customary land disputes. First (1) Lack of availability of documents such as Ranji or genealogy. (2) The alignment of the management of the Nagari adat density in the settlement of the customary land dispute. (3) Lack of funding for institutions of Nagari adat density in the process of settling the customary land dispute.

Keyword :

Contraints, Land Disputes, Disfunction

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