Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Veragawati / 14010009
Program Studi Pendidikan Biologi
Pembimbing I Diana Susanti
Pembimbing II Abizar
Tahun 2019

Abstrak :

           This research is motivated by several problems, this learning has implemented the K13 curriculum and scientific approach, in the learning process students are only centered on the teacher. there are still many students who are less active during the learning process, causing low student learning outcomes are still below (KKM). This study is an experimental study using a population of grade X students of SMA Negeri 4 Pariaman who were registered in 2018/2019. The experimental class is class X IPA.3 and the control class is class X IPA.1 by using purposive sampling technique. The design of this study is Randomized Control Posttest Only Design. By applying instruments to attitude competencies in the form of self-assessment and peer-to-peer evaluation. Academic assessment of students can be seen in the student's final test that is answering questions in the form of multiple choice. Skill competencies are seen from reports made by students. Data analysis using t-test, with the criteria tcount> t table. On the results of this test, the average learning result of each class is obtained, the experimental class is 54.58 (D), while the control class is 49.87 (D). Thus, based on the t-test, the value of tcount is 2.41 and ttable 1, 71 means tcount> t table, so the hypothesis concluded in this study with a 0.05% confidence level was accepted. The results of the affective domain of students in the experimental class were 92.97 (A) in the control class 88.02 (A) t_table = 1.70 and t_count = 1.61 so t_ (count <) t_table, then the hypothesis was rejected. Psychomotor students in the experimental class with the value of results 85.73 (B) and control class 85.34 (B) t_table = 1.68 while t_count = -0.20 so t_ (count <) t_table, then the hypothesis is rejected. so that it can be said that the application of the Discovery Learning model accompanied by image media can improve student biology learning outcomes in cognitive while these two domains are affective and psychomotor not yet able to improve biology learning outcomes of Grade X students of SMA 4 Pariaman

Keyword :

Discovery Learning, Result Of Learning, Curriculum

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