Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Fika Juniza Akmal / 15010132
Program Studi Pendidikan Biologi
Pembimbing I Dra. Hj. Mulyati
Pembimbing II Zikra
Tahun 2020

Abstrak :

              Curriculum 2013 when learning to discuss what is used is to discuss science, which consists of 5M (Observing, Asking, Gathering Information, Associating and Communicating). Based on the results of interviews with teachers when discussing this science, teachers are still having trouble due to lack of school facilities and infrastructure, so at the time of installation it is assumed to be quite difficult. In addition, most of the students' interest in learning is also lacking. Therefore a study was conducted on the difficulties of science teachers in learning using scientific learning in the 2013 curriculum at SMPN throughout Gunung Talang District. This type of research is descriptive with direct data collection from respondents. The population of this study was all the science teachers of SMPN throughout Gunung Talang Subdistrict who had implemented the 2013 curriculum of 4 schools. The sampling technique in this study was total sampling. The instruments to be used are interviews and questionnaires. Based on the results of data processing obtained on the indicator asking 34.98% implementation, the indicator collects information about 33.66%, the indicator communicates 39.95%, this indicator indicators with the category of less difficult. Whereas the completion indicator of its 41.58% indicators associated the implementation of 44.71% (quite difficult). The average of the overall score of 38.98% means that the lack of difficulty of science teachers in learning by using science in the 2013 curriculum at SMPN in Gunung Talang District.

Keyword :

Learning Dificulties, Scientific Approach

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