Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa STKIP PGRI Sumbar

Nama / NPM Fatimah Zahra / 15110043
Program Studi Pendidikan fisika
Pembimbing I Silvi Trisna
Pembimbing II Iing Rika Yanti
Tahun 2019

Abstrak :

        This research is motivated by students who are less interested in learning physics. Students consider physics as one of the difficult subjects because of the many formulas used in each physics material. Students tend to like to copy the work of friends rather than trying to find and work on their own answers. Based on this background, this study aims to see a positive and significant relationship between interests, curiosity, and physics learning outcomes of XI MIPA students of SMA Negeri 4 Pariaman. The type of research used is descriptive research method with a correlational approach. The sample in this study were all students of class XI MIPA of SMA 4 Pariaman, namely 142 people, so this study was a population or census study.Data collection techniques in this study used a questionnaire (questionnaire) and documentation. The statistics used are Pearson Product Moment (PPM) correlation and multiple correlation. Based on research that has been done, the results obtained are:1). there is an influence of interest in the learning outcomes of class XI MIPA 4 Pariaman Senior High School with the acquisition of tcount> ttable that is 2.734> 1.97and 2). there is no influence of students' curiosity on physics learning outcomes of XI MIPA grade 4 Pariaman High School because tcounttable is 1.85 <1.97 and 3). there is an influence of interest and curiosity on physics learning outcomes at Pariaman 4 Public High School with Fcount> Ftable with the results obtained 3,725 > 3,060.

Keyword :

Interests, Curiosity, Learning Outcomes.

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